4 things to remember when you meet a truck accident

Driving next to big trucks can be scary because of all the possible things that might happen when you are next to them. Being in a truck accident is probably one of the most traumatic experiences you will ever have in your life. Hence, it is important that you have contact information of a trusted truck accident lawyer with you all the time.

Truck Accident Lawyer

You are one of the lucky few if you are unscathed or just have minor scratches after a truck accident because big trucks can surely cause you great damages. Truck accidents usually end you up with broken bones and limbs, unconsciousness, and even death.

A big truck such as an 18-wheeler and a tractor-trailer will surely cause you great damage. If ever you are in a truck accident and you are lucky to be conscious, here are a few things you should remember to do:

1.Seek medical help

First and foremost, it is important that you seek medical help even if you do not have any scratches. You might have internal injuries from the truck accident, and this can be dangerous if not fatal if not addressed right away.

The medical report of your injuries can be used by your injury attorney as a good evidence against a reckless driver.

2. Inform your family and lawyer

It is necessary that other members of your family know your current situation. Aside from informing your family, call right away a truck accident lawyer. You can always consult your lawyer for legal advice a few minutes after the incident happened.

3. Stay at the place of accident

If you do not need to be rushed at the hospital, then stay on the spot where the accident occurred. Do not leave the crime scene not unless the authorities have arrived and have done making their investigation. Do not move your car to preserve evidence that the police and you can use to file a complaint.

If the evidence proves that it is the truck driver’s fault, then your accident claim lawyer can help you win your case.

4. Make your own documentation

It is a norm in Atlanta that police officers immediately rush to the site of the accident. Police officers will ask for details from the truck driver, you, and from witnesses leading to the accident. They will investigate the events and make a proper investigation.

If you are conscious and can move on your own, you must also make your own documentation. Take pictures of the big truck and the damage it has caused your vehicle. Do not forget to list down the name of the truck driver, driving license number, plate number, and the trucking company. Also, please document the injuries you incurred during the accident.

Accident lawyers provide more than just legal advice

Hiring a good truck accident lawyer will ensure that you get the justice you deserve from reckless and irresponsible truck drivers. Aside from providing the legal advice that you need and represent you in court, here are the other roles of accident lawyers:

· Makes further investigation by talking to witnesses

· Coordinate with medical officers for a better compensation

· Assess damages for you to receive a higher compensation

· Helps you when it comes to legal processes

When you are involved in an accident, only get the services of experienced lawyers. Feel free to visit schollelaw.com to know more about their services.